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If an idea is good, it's on the verge of being stupid. ~ Michel Gondry

I have always had this theory… get a group of people in a room, throw out a bunch of ideas and at the end of the night, look at your list to find the most idiotic and that's the one you should do.

This blog was spawned from one very stupid idea - run the Leadville 100. I gave that a shot in the summer of '07 - completed 73 miles - and survived. The blog lives on...

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First of two...

You can't manufacture inspirado... it arises from a stillness, a quietude... when your heart mingles with your soul and oh man they do the dance... the ancient... (gack) I swallowed a bug. ~ Jack Black (link)

Tuesday: Run - Casa del Critters, 1 hour
Yesterday: Run - Casa del Critters, 1/2 hour
Today: Rest
Tomorrow: Run - Casa del Critters or Twin Lakes, 1/2 hour
Saturday: Run - Leadville100, target: 25 hours

First of a couple of posts as we wind things up. I am not sure what kind of connectivity I will have starting tomorrow morning so today's posts may be it until I get back from the event. Still trying to work out a way my crew can update the blog during the race but the cell coverage out in the boonies is pretty sparse so we'll see.

Tuesday, I swallowed a bug. Never a good time. I tend to have to stand on the side of the trail and dry-heave for a bit. Pretty funny, actually. Reminds me of a run during which I was jamming down the top section of Flagstaff and inhaled what seemed like a small bird. Ew.

Good times, bad times:
This has been one crazy year. Looking back over my log, I have chalked up roughly 433 hours of training for this event. Not to mention the countless hours of planning, recovering, driving, etc. etc. etc.. I have gotten to do things that I would otherwise never have experienced: Stepping up my skiing, running to Nederland and back from my house, running the Front Range Five, just to name a few. This has taken a lot of sacrifice from both myself and my loved ones. In the end, I think it has been worth it. I have grown as a person, experienced hardship and victory and have come to the end of a chapter in my life that I know will lead to bigger and better things.

Tallies: A few stats...
10 pair of shoes
40 pounds lost
1 trip to the doctor
5 chiropractor visits
9 massages
3 PT visits
3 sets of earbuds
1 dead shuffle
50 ski days
433 hours of training

or something like that.

Ok. Back to business. More later.


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