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If an idea is good, it's on the verge of being stupid. ~ Michel Gondry

I have always had this theory… get a group of people in a room, throw out a bunch of ideas and at the end of the night, look at your list to find the most idiotic and that's the one you should do.

This blog was spawned from one very stupid idea - run the Leadville 100. I gave that a shot in the summer of '07 - completed 73 miles - and survived. The blog lives on...

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Living with nature...

Life is rated R. ~ Seth Rogen

In a Fresh Air interview yesterday, Seth Rogen made the point that if one were to follow you home, you would probably do something that would warrant an R rating within about 15 minutes. I would have to say that he is correct. Fortunately, most of us wouldn't do anything PG-13-ey because there is usually blood and guts involved there. (Don't get me started.) Thus far, I have made a concerted effort to keep this blog G-rated and I expect to continue that trend. Just in case you were wondering, however, my life definitely receives an R rating across the board.

But I digress...

Yesterday, Luke and I did a quick post-work spin around the North Boulder area. I was riding my squishy bike but tried to keep with the spirit of Luke on his S.A.S.S. by staying in one gear. Singlespeeds were not meant to weigh 35 pounds or whatever my bike weighs at this point. This I can say without hesitation. We rode around for about an hour and I felt pretty [expletive deleted]-y for the first few miles then settled into things and actually felt okay. I did realize that I am really jonesing to run, which is a really good thing. I am going to try to force myself to take it easy for a few more days but want to work another long run into my schedule soon. Maybe next weekend.

I need to start training at night as well to get used to running in the dark. This becomes a bit of a logistical issue when one considers my proximity to large kittens and lack of running partners up by my house. Wildlife tends to leave groups of people alone but flying solo presents a pretty good target for a hungry kitty. Which reminds me of a story...

Back in the day, I went to school in Colorado Springs. People in the area started complaining to the local authorities that their poodles were being grubbed by lions in the area and wanted something done about it. Though I feel sorry for Fifi and for the cats that had to work through all that poofy fur, our encroachment into wildlands presents this type of situation. It is one of the things one has to deal with when one lives in the woods. You just can't leave mountain lion food lying around and expect it to be there in the morning. That goes for bears too, by the way. If you live in bear country, don't leave your trashcans outside overnight. I can not stress this enough.

Today, I am going to try to stay off the ankle yet again and go for a ride near my casa after work. I hope to hook up a couple of trails near my house that I found a couple of summers ago. I had hoped to do this on my last longer run but the snow that began to fall during my outing covered any trail evidence. I'll let you know how it goes. Tomorrow, I hope to get back up to altitude for some turns. There is still plenty of that action to be had.

See you out there.


Edit: Incidentally, I woke up with [expletive deleted] Sade's [expletive deleted] Smooth Operator coursing through my brain. The only ways I know to get rid of monstrous songs of this nature are to either a) give them away or b) blow your brains out. I am going with option a, today so enjoy!

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