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If an idea is good, it's on the verge of being stupid. ~ Michel Gondry

I have always had this theory… get a group of people in a room, throw out a bunch of ideas and at the end of the night, look at your list to find the most idiotic and that's the one you should do.

This blog was spawned from one very stupid idea - run the Leadville 100. I gave that a shot in the summer of '07 - completed 73 miles - and survived. The blog lives on...

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday postage...

Remember, just because you have a stripper name doesn't mean you have to grow up to be a stripper. ~ Earl Hickey

Run - New WestMag Trails, 1 hour 45 minutes
Today: Lumberjackin' - House, 2 hours
Tomorrow: Hike

Still a bit buried with work but got out for a run with Brad and Jess yesterday to check out the Fall colors and some new trails on WestMag. Then we hit up the buffet at Kathmandu and chowed down.

It was perfect Fall weather... sunny with a storm pending. We started on a fairly standard loop but soon discovered a new trail which none of us had ever been on before. It lead up to a network of other un-charted trails (by me, anyway). Definitely putting this on my list of places to explore. (Check out the gallery.)

Once we topped out, we headed West and back down to a junction of the trail on which we started so we ran back toward the Habitrail where we ran into a client, Derek, who was missing his dog, Greta. Apparently, she had taken off after something and was MIA. We spun back around on the Habitrail and bailed at the second road crossing only to run into Derek again, with Greta in tow! It started raining just as we finished up then we headed to Kathmandu for their lunch buffet. Normally, I am not much of a buffet guy but Kathmandu pretty much rules so I overlook the gnarly aspects of the whole buffet system. Anything that requires sneeze guards makes me nervous.

Today I did some more work on our trees and took two more trailer-loads to the slash pit. There are probably 10 more to go, slowly but surely getting there.

If you haven't checked out My Name is Earl, give it a whirl. Decent TV.

I am planning to head over to Winter Park on Wednesday to play a round of golf with my pops. Apparently, they got about 3 inches of snow last night (yes!) but it will surely be gone by Wednesday. Rach and I will probably head over in the morning, hang out with the 'rents then jam back that evening to take care of the critters. Will keep you posted on that.

Take it sleazy.


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