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If an idea is good, it's on the verge of being stupid. ~ Michel Gondry

I have always had this theory… get a group of people in a room, throw out a bunch of ideas and at the end of the night, look at your list to find the most idiotic and that's the one you should do.

This blog was spawned from one very stupid idea - run the Leadville 100. I gave that a shot in the summer of '07 - completed 73 miles - and survived. The blog lives on...

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Monday, February 18, 2008

What a difference...

I need to come up with a quote and I just don't have it in me. ~ me

...six months makes. About this time six months ago, I was in the midst of a colossal melt-down somewhere between Twin Lakes and Half Moon. Not sure I really have still fully recovered. I know I still have three toenails that haven't come completely back to normal. The Leadville 100 is the gift that keeps on giving. I am still thinking about doing the new 50-mile race this summer but really haven't been on the right training schedule. We'll see what happens.

Today I jammed up the hill to the Basin (day 39 - skied my age again this year) and spun no-stoppers on the Enduro circuit. Essentially started on Gauthier and worked my way East. The Spine was absolutely buffed but the rest of the front side was in less-than-stellar shape. There was no one there today (weird), but clearly the area got some traffic over the weekend. Lots-o-bumps. I rolled a lap or two down Slalom and Powder Keg and then hit 'Zuma Bowl to check that action out. Not sure if I should be honest here or not but really, I am not that impressed. The crowds seem to love it; however, so what the hell do I know? I didn't ski very well but had a good time and was able to turn ~12 minute laps fairly consistently without really trying. So that is encouraging.

I am planning to head over to Gunnison on Wednesday. Going to visit the parents and try to get in a couple of days at the Butte. I'll keep you posted on that.

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